Be a ‘Glass Half Full’ Kind of Investor

At London Cask Company, we combine a passion for Irish whiskey with a desire to share not just the taste but the value of this great physical commodity, stirred together with the right amount of support and guidance from our team of professional whiskey portfolio managers and suppliers.

We believe that the experience of investing in a cask of whiskey can be richly rewarding and that you shouldn’t have to be a seasoned connoisseur or an investment expert to enjoy the benefits.

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Why invest in Whiskey?

Here at London Cask Co, we believe many investors are increasingly moving away from conventional offerings and embracing tangible, sustainable, and experiential commodities, with whiskey at the heart of this.

We operate under three core values:

Potential Growth Market

Did you know that rare whiskey has seen a *478% growth between 2010 and 2020? Whiskey is an investment where the process of ageing only adds to the potential value.

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There’s something special about owning your own cask of rare whiskey, with investors increasingly drawn to the experience this type of investment brings, from selecting their whiskey to trialling, tasting, and selling their asset on when the time is right. Whether you buy for yourself, as a corporate gift, for a loved one, or for future generations, whiskey offers a unique experience to every individual

Tangible and Liquid Assets

When you invest in whiskey, you hold a tangible asset which is yours to use as you please – you can buy and sell quickly (if the market allows) or hold onto your whiskey as it matures.

Best of all, we do all the background work and negotiating so that you don’t have to – offering all of our customers the highest grade whiskey casks at the best prices.

Winner of the World’s Best New-Make Whiskey Award 2021


Irish Whiskey Market Looks Promising Into 2023

World markets have teetered through difficult conditions over the last few years and the Irish whiskey industry has been affected just as much as any other.

Fight Climate Change with Buy a Cask, Plant a Tree

Now, you can invest in your own financial future as well as the future of our planet, with London Cask Company’s “buy a cask, plant a tree” initiative.

Whiskey Around The World

There are multiple types of whiskey, ranging from all over the world. Although they share a name and a similar distilling process, the flavours and results are vastly diverse. In this blog, we delve into some of the different types of whiskey.

Buy a Cask, Plant a Tree

When you invest in your own future with London Cask Co, you also invest in the future of our planet – under our ‘Buy a Cask, Plant a Tree’ initiative.

Through our partnership with ‘MoreTrees’ and as part of our commitment to support a brighter future not just for our customers but for our surroundings, every cask of whiskey that our customers purchase means one more tree is planted by the organisation.

To date, we have planted 111 trees.

Invest with Confidence

Investment can sometimes feel like an overwhelmingly complex process – one of our core promises is to support you from your first enquiry through to purchase and beyond. That’s why, as part of our rare whiskey investment package, we invite customers to take part in a free training course to understand how to invest in whiskey with confidence and manage your investment from day one.

Our course will take you through:

  • How whiskey is made
  • The history of whiskey
  • How investing in whiskey casks works

You will also learn about storage, our exit strategies, and how to manage a whiskey cask portfolio with ease. Best of all, this training is completely free of charge, with no obligation to invest at the end.

Fill in the details of our form to enroll for your place on this course.