How it works

By owning a tangible asset, you will enjoy the flexibility and versatility of an investment which works for you – while benefitting from the full support of our team. Below is the process that you can expect to go through when you decide to invest in a LCC whiskey cask.  

Call, email, or fill in our online form to book an informal consultation.

One of our whiskey investment portfolio managers will talk you through the opportunities, investment needs, and budgets. This is also your chance to let us know your own preferences.

Our team will present to you a recommended cask, or a series of recommended casks depending on your investment requirements. With a broad range of options tailored to your requirements, single casks start around £4,000 and increase from there.

A cask purchase agreement will be posted to your address and sent via email. Once received, your portfolio manager will go through this with you and answer any questions you may have attributing to LCC’s terms and conditions.

Once you’re happy with the purchase agreement, you will be sent details of how to settle your balance - usually by bank transfer or cheque. Once received, we will send proof of receipt of your funds.

You will be sent our Identification documentation requirements, which verifies your identity. This requires proof of identity (Passport or Driving License) and proof of address (utility bill, dated within the last three months, current council tax bill or Driving License [if you used a Passport for ID])

Once we have received your funds and ID documentation, we will issue you with your cask ownership certificate. As a legal document, this will contain all the information and detail of your cask and is proof of your investment.

The bit every investor loves - once everything is confirmed, check your post box because we will be sending you a free bottle of whiskey to welcome you to the London Cask Company! We will also be in touch to ensure that you have been happy and well informed throughout the investment process.

Throughout your ownership of the whiskey cask, your whiskey portfolio manager will be in touch as often as you would like.

Once you’re ready to say goodbye to your investment. The selling process is easy with the help of your whiskey portfolio manager. While we recommend letting your whiskey cask mature for between 3 and 5 years before selling (or drinking!), you can look to sell your cask at anytime with our help. Simply reach out when you’re ready to sell, and we will help source the best buyers for the right prices.

Ready to learn more and get started on your journey to becoming the master of your own whiskey cask?