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Aaron Dolan

Aaron Dolan is a whiskey investment specialist and keen enthusiast with deep family ties to Ireland. He has a wealth of experience in buying and selling luxury items, including antiques, gold, and luxury watches.

In addition to his interest in whiskey, Aaron has a reputation for being able to spot rare finds and good deals. He has built a loyal client base of collectors and investors who trust his expertise. Aaron has developed a keen eye for identifying valuable and rare pieces such as WW1 Rolex watches or Patek Phillip pocket watches.

But Aaron’s investment interests don’t stop there. He comes from a family of hard workers and business entrepreneurs who started on market stools and built large, multi-million-pound businesses. A family man at heart, Aaron brings the same determination and drive to his work in the whiskey investment industry.

Aaron’s passion for whiskey and luxury items is evident in his work. He takes great pride in helping his clients find the perfect investment and is always on the lookout for the next big opportunity. Whether you are a seasoned collector or just starting to explore the world of whiskey investment, Aaron Dolan is the whiskey investment partner you can trust.

1. Dealt with rare pieces such as WW1 Rolex watches & Patek Phillip pocket watches.

2. Successfully launched several multi-million-pound businesses. 

3. Family man, with the client’s best interest at heart. 


James Manto

I have a rich history of founding several highly successful companies, with demonstrated results in raising capital for multimillion-pound property investment projects. 


Over the last decade, I’ve built a notorious reputation for providing my exclusive high-end private clients with exceptional returns. 


My focus on high returns means I’ve now identified rare cask whiskeys as one of the most profitable investment vehicles for the future, and I am now offering my multi-million-pound book to a select number of private investors. 


I commented, “high-end luxury whiskey will be one of the best-performing assets over the next decade; if your portfolio does not include whiskey, you’ll miss out on a wonderful opportunity”. Educated investors also agree with me, as many suggest that they consider tangible luxury assets a safe haven for their wealth preservation and growth. 


I’ve identified the thriving whiskey market as a market that will be one of the best-performing assets for the upcoming decade; it is fair to say that many educated investors and publications also agree. 


An infectious networker, I’ve built the best partnerships with some of the world’s most recognised distilleries, again offering my high-net-worth private clients access to rare, exclusive, sort-after whiskeys – those that are unavailable for the average investor. 

1. Founded several multimillion-pound companies. 

2. Exclusive asset book, provided clients with exceptional returns. 

3. Educated investor with a wealth of knowledge in whiskey. 


Director and Founder at London Cask Co

Scott Flook

A former investment banker, Scott has held roles at some of the world’s leading financial institutions, including Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Barclays. With a wealth of experience in areas including OTC derivatives, settlement of cash securities and position reconciliation, he brings a wealth of high-level expertise in business development, sales and management.

Scott first began trading whiskey in 2020, turning a long-term personal passion into a thriving professional endeavour in a very short space of time. He identified Irish whiskey as an emerging investment class and began to form relationships with distilleries across Ireland. Scott’s success in this sector led to him to founding the London Cask Company.

Strategic Advisor at London Cask Co

Simon Charles

Highly experienced corporate solicitor advising private and public companies, individuals intermediaries and LLPs on corporate, corporate finance (corporate bonds, private equity and public markets) and corporate governance matters as well as AIM ,Main market NASDAQ, and NEX Admissions and financial services regularity matters.

Sector experience include technology (disruptive and established) and extra active industries. Simon headed Marriot Harrison LLPs Corporate department before coming in the firms joint senior partner. Particular expertise in directors’ duties and shareholders, rights and remedies.

Head of Private Client Division at London Cask Co
Head of Private Client Division

Andrew Ranger

Head of Finance and Accounts at London Cask Co
Head of Finance and Accounts

Dari-Anna Alekseeva Kuseva

Sales Manager at London Cask Co

Thomas White

Senior Whiskey Investment Account Manager at London Cask Co
Senior Account Manager

Matthew Nixon

Senior Whiskey Investment Account Manager at London Cask Co
Senior Account Manager

Ricky Maccabe

Senior Whiskey Investment Account Manager at London Cask Co
Senior Account Manager

Matthew Saunders

Senior Whiskey Investment Account Manager at London Cask Co
Senior Account Manager

Louis Cheek

Junior Whiskey Investment Consultant at London Cask Co
Junior Consultant

George Heldreich