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Matured Scotch Whisky has outperformed all asset classes in 2021 with a growth rate of 13%

Time generates great value

Scotch whisky in the cask enjoys a unique driver of its appreciation: over time the whisky draws an enhanced flavour profile from the cask, softening and maturing as time goes on, and increasing its value naturally.

The provenance of a whisky cask can be traced with more certainty than that of bottles; Secondly, whisky in the cask enjoys dual channels of appreciation (the whisky naturally gains value as it matures in the cask, in addition to the rise in value that comes with an increase in demand, while supply is throttled by consumption of the product).

We are proud to be the only UK whisky seller that uses a regulated custodian.

Why invest in cask scotch whisky?

A highly liquid asset
Tax-free growth
No stock market correlation
Rapid growth offers
steady, lucrative returns
Own a protected physical asset
stored in a secure location
Earn up to
13% per annum

Why invest with London Cask Company?

With London Cask Company you’ll get an exceptional, end-to-end buying experience with an award-winning whisky seller. Our portfolio management packages include purchase guidance, market updates and offer notifications if your casks are up for sale. We pride ourselves on offering a highly customisable service tailored to each individual client’s needs and preferences.

Secure storage

Your investment will always be in the safest hands, as we only use HMRC approved storage facilities with more than 50 years’ experience in the business.

Full insurance

We’ll help ensure your assets are fully insured against theft and accidental damage and for the first five years of ownership, we’ll cover the insurance costs.

Portfolio management

Your dedicated portfolio manager will look after your investment, keeping you up-to-speed with market changes, industry news and offers.

Regulated custodian

We are currently the only whisky seller in the UK that uses a regulated custodian.

Competitive prices

Our long-standing association with many of Ireland’s finest distilleries means our clients benefit from discounted purchase prices and maximised profits.

Winner of the World’s Best New-Make Whiskey Award 2021

We’re proud to announce that our family-run distillery won the prestigious Best New Make and Young Spirit title at the World Whiskies Award 2021. Thanks to our years of hard work and unrelenting dedication to excellence, we’re now the first Irish distillery to win best international newmake, in the history of the competition.

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