October 6, 2021

How Does Irish Whiskey Investing Work?

“The light music of whisky falling into glasses made an agreeable interlude.”
― James Joyce

The Knight Frank Index, a metric of the value of luxury goods, consistently ranks whiskey as a world-leader. It’s no wonder really – whiskey is a product steeped in rich cultural heritage coupled with being incredibly fashionable.

Irish whiskey has never truly been out of fashion, but recent years have seen a massive boom in the industry. In 2019, for the first time ever in, sales in the USA alone topped $1bn and the market shows no sign of slowing down. 

Irish Whiskey Investing 

As with any booming industry, people are realising Irish whiskey presents a unique and viable investment opportunity. But, how does this work? In our first blog post, we’ll outline how London Cask Co are positioned to help you get a foot in this exciting opportunity.

Making Irish whiskey is a time-consuming process. It has to mature in the barrel for at least three years before it can be legally labelled and sold as Irish Whiskey. This ensures that it’s had sufficient time to develop the unique flavour characteristics that make it so special. 

Running a distillery is also costly – they have to pay for labour, equipment, and rent. In order to free up cash flow, they routinely sell casks to investors. And that’s where London Cask Co comes in. 

Invest in Whiskey With London Cask Co 

We are a group of whiskey experts with collective decades of experience behind us, specialising in helping our customers access high-quality Irish whiskey casks. 

In our opinion, casks are superior to bottles in terms of investment because:

  • They’re not such a speculative market – the value of bottles can rocket but it can also drop sharply.
  • They don’t usually require specialist liquor licences     to sell
  • They’re classed as a wasting asset, so are Capital Gains Tax exempt.

How Does Irish Whiskey Investing Work at London Cask Co?

At London Cask Co, we make the investment process as simple as we possibly can. We deliver a bespoke experience, tailored to your exact need. We’ve forged strong relationships with many top distilleries in Ireland, so we’re uniquely positioned to find you the best possible deal.

You’ll have a dedicated Portfolio Manager who will help you work out which cask is best for your needs. You’ll get the option of having your product finished in an alternative cask like sherry or beer to give your whiskey a more unique flavour profile. 

When you’ve finished all of our official paperwork, your whiskey will be distilled, casked, and stored in one of our bonded, fully insured, warehouses. At this point it becomes your property – even if anything happens to London Cask Co., your product will not change hands. 

Then, it’s a waiting game (with exclusive perks). We can arrange yearly tasting experiences for you to sample the product as it matures becomes more complex – a trip to Ireland is always an amazing experience. 

When the time comes to sell, you’ve got a range of options. Irish whiskey is highly in demand – there’s a good chance there will be another investor willing to buy it. Alternatively, we’re also partnered with several auction houses and manufacturers who are always seeking high-quality product. 

If you’ve ever thought about owning your own whiskey cask, London Cask Co are here to help you make your dreams a reality.